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COSMETICS LINE WITH organic olive oil

COSMETICS LINE WITH organic olive oil

OIL HEALTH - Olive Oil in Your Skin

"Everyone knows the inner well that produces the food habit in Olive Oil. HEALTH OLEO now invites you to know the advantages of this precious oil on the outside of the body: IN THE SKIN»

The Olive Oil was revered by all peoples of antiquity: it was used in the sacrifices offered to their gods, with him preparing the Mira, the gladiators of the Circus is greased members before their barbaric struggle, the Catholic Church from its beginning, the holy oil used on many religious ceremonies, high society ladies used it to care for your skin and hair, etc.

About S. XIII soap industry came to France from Italy. And it was the French who, after several experiments, introduced the olive oil in soap production process, replacing animal fats. It was the chemist Chevreul, in 1813, which discovered as a compound Olean Oil Olive. After long studies Olean decomposed in Glycerin or glycerin oxide using metal oxides in the presence of water. At same time, they were metal oxides in combination with organic acids, which were previously attached to glycerin forming fats, reaching its saponification, ie, its conversion into soaps. From these discoveries was when he started a fledgling soap industry in France, which soon moved to our country.

From then until mid-century, solid soap made based on olive oil was the only detergent used in Spanish homes and their uses passed from cleaning floors and utensils until several washes clothes and toiletries.

Bath & Shower Gel

Skin problems, muscle aches and joint pain are symptoms of continued exposure to a hostile environment where there are: pollution, chemicals, continuous exposure to the sun, etc. The pace of modern life forces us to shorten the time that the care of our bodies need and why we need cosmetics that combine various functions into one product. The Bath & Shower Gel is a cosmetic OIL HEALTH elaborated based on Organic Olive Oil and Aloe Vera to provide us with vitamins and antioxidants and that daily use provides a relaxing, soothing, protective and moisturizing skin. Protects skin from the cold, heat, chemicals, solar radiation, pollution and other impurities that accumulate during the day and clog the pores of our skin, preventing an optimal oxygenation. For these and other cultural issues, work or sports, showering us more than we should,

Leaving your skin unprotected, thus weakening our immune system and leaving our skin at the mercy of possible dermatitis, psoriasis, etc... The moisturizing effect of this product is amazing, so much so that it is unnecessary to use body milk. Ideal in situations such as pregnancy, anti-cellulite treatments, weight

Loss treatments, prolonged sun exposure, chemotherapy, dialysis, etc.

Very important to note the antioxidant effect that gives us the addition of olive oil in this product, as this oil contains polyphones and Vitamin E to slow aging of cells. One of the contributions that give us the addition of Aloe Vera is the removal of dead cells and dirt, leaving your skin soft and clean.

Another use of the Bath and Shower Gel HEALTH OIL is used as shaving gel, suitable for sensitive skin and bleeding, preventing further use of an Alter Save. Also on the blade leg hair we cut further irritation by reducing the appearance of dry scaly legs.

Hydrating Shampoo

It is important to highlight one of the effects of Olive Oil "regulates the level of fat in the hair and scalp, making it indispensable in the treatment of greasy hair.

Produces a perfect hydration dry hair, dyed or permed, adding softness and elasticity and often overriding the further use of a conditioner. Antioxidant effect has since olive oil contains polyphenols which are antioxidants that

retard the aging of cells of the scalp, thereby reducing hair loss. The incorporation of Olive Oil Shampoo makes up for the lack of polyunsaturated fatty oils in the hair and scalp, avoiding the formation of dandruff by almost perfect hydration and nourishes the hair from root to tip, giving this softness, ease and flexibility that we need to reconstruct daily wear. It is very important today, as there, the outward appearance that we offer in our body. Using HEALTH OIL Hydrating Shampoo hair back our lost brightness and provides a

safe and healthy appearance. With Vitamin E, present in olive oil, prevent deterioration and fragile hair. Finally, it is advisable to apply the Moisturizing Shampoo having previously wet the hair and scalp. Massage gently for 1-2 minutes and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Hand Cream Hands can become one of the parts of our body most exposed to damage, assaults and abuse daily.

Today you can enjoy radiant and luminous hands thanks to the introduction into OIL

HEALTH Hand Cream Olive Oil and Aloe Vera.

Using Hand Cream daily OIL HEALTH regenerate the skin, removing dead skin cells and hydrating well. Eliminate cracks and small wounds which often occur mostly in winter periods. Very important is to highlight the rapid absorption through the skin of this cream, facilitating the application at any time of day and anywhere. Besides treatment recommend the use of hands legs and feet, especially heels and softening hardened parts that annoy or stranded in the day to day and that quickly solved with the implementation of the Hand Cream OIL HEALTH. Moisturizing Body Oil Perfectly hydrated skin is achieved by balancing skin functions. We propose the use of the Moisturizing Body Oil HEALTH formulated based on Olive Oil and Rosehip Oil. Daily use after bathing or showering, maintains an optimum level of water in skin cells,

preventing the formation of wrinkles and signs of aging. Its specific formula contains Vitamins A, E, and C, including antioxidant and firming

Properties, preventing the skin from free radicals and prevent aging. These vitamins act in the first layer of the skin, the epidermis, and protect its natural barrier strengthening. The fatty acids (oleic, linoleum and linolenic) penetrate to a deeper layer, the dermis, nourishing and revitalizing the cells responsible for the formation of collagen and elastic, responsible for firmness and elasticity of the skin. A current problem is the appearance of sensitive skin flakes or poorly treated. Using daily HEALTH OIL Moisturizing Body Oil we can forget this problem while also winning sweetness and light in our skin. For proper use and optimum we must apply the oil to damp skin moisturizing massage using smooth and continuous and not rub dry.

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