06 mai 2013


your skin will return perfectly hydrated and will obtain a balance of the functions of the skin. We propose the use of


containing and oil olive oil of musky pink. The daily use, after the bath or the shower, maintains a level optimal of water in the cells of the skin, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles and ageing. Specific formula known to contain vitamins A, E C there is, inter alia; reaffirm oxidizing anti properties preventing the skin counters the wrinkles of ageing. These vitamins act like an envelopment of the skin, the skin, strengthens and it ya a natural barrier of protection. The fatty acids (oleic, linoleum and linoleum) penetrates in a deeper layer, the dermal, nourishing and revitalizing the cells responsible for the elastic and collagen formation, persons in charge for firmness and the elasticity of the skin. A problem running is the appearance of scales. The Use of HYDRATING BODY OIL for the body the everyday will make you forget this problem while gaining the softness and the glare of the skin. For a correct and optimal use you will have to apply HYDRATING BODY OIL in order to deaden the massage hydrating the skin by using continuous smoothing and not to rub dry.

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